Eyewire Down?

Am I right in thinking that Eyewire is down entirely? I know Overview hasn’t been working, but now the screen is completely blank.

everything should be up and running now.

I still have only a black screen.

Well, it’s back… sort of. Overview still doesn’t work, and the whole thing is slow and balky. Just got almost done with a cube and boom… crash.

try emptying cache.

Yeah. That doesn’t help. I’m also getting … huge pixels? at various levels on the 2D images that make it impossible to see any fine distinctions.

what browser are you using? if you’re using chrome then it is out of my paygrade…try contacting support at support@eyewire.org they might know to advise you better, but also bare in mind that it is xmas so may not have an answer until end of weekend.

Facebook. But everything is better, now - don’t know why - except I still don’t get the Overview.

not how you login, what browser :stuck_out_tongue: for overview try clicking on your profile, go to settings and click on the fix overview and refresh.

Browser is Firefox. Will try the fix. Thanks.

Hey @tracer911,

Hope the browser change fixed your problem. We were having some site instability with Firefox, graphics cards and Windows earlier. If you’re still having trouble, let us know. We have a fix in queue to hopefully be released that should stabilize things more.


Didn’t change browsers. Fixed the overview problem in profile. The rest is just… slowness.

Okay, good to hear some of the issues were fixed. :slight_smile: