Eyewire Discord Server

Hey people, for already some time now I had the idea to make a Discord Server for eyewire. Discord is a platform, which allows text chats and voice chats with people from the same server. It is free and can be used in a browser or in an app. There are many Discord Servers for computer games, where people can talk about the game, find others to play with or talk via voice chat even during the game.

I once already gave this suggestion in the eyewire game chat, where I got the objection that for an official Server it would need eyewire staff there to moderate the server. So I gave my email adress to the staff member so that they could reach back to me after they discussed the topic, and never heard back. I don’t rememer anymore who it was, I only wanted to ask two questions:

  1. To the staff: do you want to coordinate/join the project or should I make an unofficial server instead?

  2. To all the others: who would be interested in joining a Discord server?

Hi Okapia. Thanks as always for your enthusiasm for Eyewire’s community! To reiterate from our past conversation, Eyewire HQ does not have the staffing capacity to manage or monitor a Discord server. We welcome players to gather in whatever unofficial social settings they like outside of Eyewire chat, as long as that setting’s admins and moderators make the unofficial nature explicitly clear in any descriptions, rules, and interactions, with emphasis given to the fact that HQ is not witness to and not responsible for any activities taking place in such an unofficial context. If you feel like you can maintain this distinction then please feel free to set up whatever you like! The only other thing we’d request is that you avoid using official Eyewire logos or graphics (e.g. the double-E, the “For Science!” brain, images of our Heroes characters, etc.) to further reduce any confusion about whether HQ is sponsoring this.