Eyewire chrome app

i have a great idea. they should put an app on the chrome store. if they do that and enough people download it, it will be on the popular app area so eve more people will download it, and then they will increase the amount of “wirers” rapidly. and then they will get lots of work done.

That’d be pretty awesome - if only we had the developer power! :slight_smile:

hey sorek.m, right now i am thinking about building one, but i should prabably get your permission. so just tell me if i can and i will need a 128X128, 48x48, and 16x16 sized logo for eyewire please. you can email the images IF i have your opinion at slh01slh@gmail.com. thank you.

Hey slh01slh,

Why don't you send us an email at support@eyewire.org with your plans for the Chrome app? I'm assuming it'll be a link to Eyewire through the Chrome App store. I'd like to have more of the team provide feedback about this than just in the forums.