EyeWire Chat Ambassadors


We’ve noticed that a lot of the new players don’t speak up in chat so we’ve decided to start up an EyeWire ambassador program. Basically every once in a while an ambassador adopts a special color (/team ambassador) and focuses in chat on stirring up discussion among new players so they feel welcome to the community.

If you are interested in being an ambassador, please comment below. Your responsibility would be to spend 30 minutes each week welcoming new members of the EyeWire crew.



Hi Amy,

I think this is a great idea! I myself am a new player, and I have found that I have learnt a lot from chat in-game, and have improved rapidly. The community has also been very welcoming and supportive. It is unfortunate that many new players do not speak up, as chat does make the game more enjoyable, a fantastic way to seek advice and it is a great way to connect with people who have common interests. 

I would love to be in involved in this program. I think I will certainly be able to commit 30 minutes a week in chat welcoming new players and encouraging conversations. 



@addieye, awesome!! Glad to hear it! We should make another color in chat for such a role :) 

I agree that it would be good if more new players would use chat to get the gist of eyewire!


I wish it was a recent thing… I would have liked that kind of stuff :slight_smile:


I could always use another colour…maybe glowing green :stuck_out_tongue: @Emeraldstar lol


that will be fun !


glowing green was my thought too :smiley:
anyway, what happened to this initiation?


Oh, so tempting!!! We’ll just have to wait to see what colour it is. ✧**(\(^_^)/)**✧


I think that mods basically are supposed to be ambassadors as well. Sorry for bumping, but I saw an unanswered question and really wanted to respond.


welcome to eyewire , i seem to see that alot :slight_smile: , i need practice changing colors.


If this is a thing I would be down to be a part of it because I want MOAR colors.


We’re thinking about this at HQ!