Eye Wire isn't working


When I try to change the flat thing in the cube, it won’t do anything. I was told to uses the arrow keys, but they aren’t working. On top of that, I keep getting disconnected. I am 100% sure my internet works just fine. I checked. I don’t know what to do.

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I am sorry you experience difficulties.
What browser are you using? chrome and firefox are the only ones that are supported
Are your computer and opperative system up to date? a recent operating system like macOS Mojave/Windows 10/Ubuntu 16, and a machine with at least 8 GB of RAM.

if you was talking in chat you could have had the chat selected and then nothing you try to do with the cubes would work. just click outside the chat to get back to the cube you was working on.

you could also try using w, a, s, d or mousewheel to move the slides if arrows are not working.

getting disconnected all the time could be because the game was unstable right then, this could explain why you was not able to do anything, but unless it was particulary bad and everything did go down you should still be able to move the slides but not submitting the cube. Do not know if that was the case yesterday.

eyewire is using a lot of ram could everything have frozen because of this or did you only have trouble with eyewire?

I hope some of this will help you so you are able to play

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Sorry you are having difficulties. Did you try refreshing and if that does not work, close and re-open Chrome. I was not able to replicate the bug of keys not working but if you are still experiencing it, please send us a bug report to support@eyewire.org.



Hi Sombra,

I’m sorry to hear you’re still having trouble with Eyewire. Based on your report, I’m guessing you’re trying to “flip” the 2D plane. In addition to the arrow or WASD keys, you can try clicking on the circle button at the top of the row located to the right of the 2D image. The circle button will change from X, Y, or Z when you press it. That will flip the 2D plane.

We’re still unable to reproduce the bug you reported. To help us understand better, you can send us a bug report and/or screenshot based on these instructions in this blog post here: https://blog.eyewire.org/submitting-an-eyewire-bug-report-2018/

May I ask what browser and OS you are currently using?
Please note that Eyewire is not currently supported on mobile devices such as tablets.

I hope some of this helps and we appreciate any further details to help us understand the issue.



I’m having issues with the site today too. I go to click on buttons, which work at first, but start to not work after a while, like the green check to move to the next cube (and other buttons, like the ‘start playing’ one). I have to refresh, but it doesn’t make the issue go away, just postpones it. And doesn’t matter which wi-fi either. Just to note