Escape Key Functionality

This might be a little pedantic, but please consider re-working the Escape key functionality.  A couple of times now, I’ve unwittingly hit it (or used it because I assumed it did something other than what it does), and it’s kicked me out of the cube I’m working on, losing all of my work!

Maybe it is a nice shortcut, but maybe add a window saying ‘are you sure you want to leave?’.  If that seems like it might be annoying, maybe it could have a tick box to disable the message from popping up in the future.

Normally if you are in a cube, Esc should pull you up to the overview where you can look at your cube area in context. Then you can click the Play button again and it should take you back to the same cube you were working on, possibly in a different orientation, but with all your work still there. You can do this multiple times per cube.

However, there have been recent reports that in Firefox, hitting Esc to go the overview sometimes/always(?) has been kicking people out of their current cube and putting them in a whole new one. If that is the case for you, switching to Chrome may help.

(Recently a very few Chrome users have been having different issues, but that is a separate thread!)

Thanks for the reply.  You’re right, I’m in Firefox, and that’s exactly the behavior I see.  If it’s simply a compatibility issue, I won’t press further.  Thank you for the information!