Easier slice orientation rotation

I’ve just found out about the feature which allows you to change the orientation of slices. (ALT-SHIFT in the 2D view and drag) This feature is immensely useful as I’ve outlined in a previous post.

The problem however is, it’s impossible (for me at least) to get any sense of how I have to use it in order to end up with my desired rotation. The UI is really slow once I start dragging, and I have no idea why the 3D view also rotates along. Perhaps it is due to problems with Google Chrome?

Either way, I’ve found the way Unity 3D handles changing orientation really useful.

They show the axes of your current view, and you can click on them to rotate them in that direction. Perhaps something similar could be done for eyewire? There is no real use for intermediate rotations anyhow.

right now, rotating either the 3d view or the 2d view can be tricky at times:

the 3d view, if you for example click and move the cursor to the left,
it rotates differently when you click near the top of the screen than
when you click near the bottom. this makes it very hard to navigate the
3d view if you just want to see something from the same angle, but from
the other side of the cube.

for the 2d view, it can be hard to
allign the slices differently with alt, especially when a) the 3d view
is not alligned with the 2d view, b) you just want to rotate the 2d view
90 degrees clockwise, or c) when you’re trying to explore the slices
from all 3 dimensions.

both of those problems have a fairly
obvious fix. seen in 3d graphics programs, the 3 wires that let you
rotate the object in each dimension separately (see picture). the wires
would only be shown when the player presses alt (which is already
associated with rotating the 2d view, which can only be rotated in the 3
main directions anyway) and would show on the 2d and 3d view
separately. they would only work when clicked on. they could be clicked
on within a ~2-3 pixel distance, and would highlight when hovered over
within clickable distance (only the wire that would be selected would be
highlighted if more than 1 wire is in selectable distance).

separate, easier to implement solution for just the 2d view, would be
adding 3 buttons to the right of the 2d view that would either rotate
the 2d view by 90 degrees in a given direction, 3 buttons that
would let the player choose only how to slice the cube, or what whathecode suggested. wouldn’t solve the
clumsiness of the 3d view though.

another related suggestion is a
button that would orient the 3d view to the 2d view (either make the 3d
view look top down on the cube, or at a 45 degree angle, in relation to what the 2d view is showing)

adding the x y and z axis indicator just like in the attached picture or like in whathecode’s picture would be good to have too, especially in the 3d view.

any of those things shouldn’t really be a clutter problem, considering
they’re tools for rotating and orientation, and should be shown only after
pressing alt.

yes - Please make it easier to cycle between views - Since my finger is always in shift, suggest ‘a’ is use to cycle through the 3 axis