Don't you hate it when

You’re following a short narrow seed and it starts dissolving or maybe blending with that small blob and it looks like it’s blending. So you look at it from all angles and even study it in the 3D window. Yes it blends and you click it. Suddenly a huge new image that’s light blue pops up and you’re going to get the highest score you’ve ever gotten. Then you check it all out adding bits and pieces that are missing.
Just to be sure you go back and study that union carefully. Yes it’s in line, and smooth and the new piece even dovetails with the seed. Yep you’ve got it right. So you click send.
Immediately your screen is filled with huge strings of red and yellow image and two little tiny bits of green.
AND your 90% accuracy that you’ve been working so hard to get and keep is suddenly 66% and is going to take a LONG time to build back up.
Does it get better with experience and dedicated practice or do some people just get it and some don’t?

Hi Brainless17,

It’s a little bit of both. Some of it comes with experience to know if the trace does or does not belong and sometimes you just need to wait for some other experienced players to also find the tricky trace either by playing or scything the cube themselves.

My best suggestion for cubes like the situation you mentioned is to post up the cube ID in chat asking for input from any mentors/scouts/scythes/admins. We can jump to that cube and check it out to provide feedback either for you or to assist in correcting the cube if needed. If you have the cube ID of the one you’re mentioning in your comment, feel free to post it up and I’m happy to check it out!

Also, remember that accuracy is updated over time. So your accuracy can change when another player submits their own solution for a cube. For the cube you reported, let’s say your continuation is correct. It could be that the trailblazer missed the continuation, you played the cube as the second player and then the third player also submits continuation. Your accuracy will then jump back up with the third or even fourth player also submitting that continuation!

I hope this helps!


When a cube don’t load and you return back in cell and don’t want neither and you got to refresh :grimacing: :triumph: :rofl: