Display problem w/Chrome

For some time now, I have been having a problem with the 2D & 3D displays.  

2D & 3D - the Button boxes for SKIP CUBE, Start Over & Finished overlap both the 2D & 3D screens/windows.  Resizing my Chrome window does not fix this.

Also, my total # of Points, Cubes and Trailblazes in the lower left corner and buttons in lower right of the screen are cutoff.  

See attached screen shot

Hi Unclewilley,

I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the toolbar/UI system. I’m not sure what’s exactly causing your problems, however I do know that zooming on your browser window can cause resizing issues in Chrome. If you hit control+0, this should reset any bizarre magnifications.  If that’s not the case, maybe there is an aspect ratio that is off on your monitor? Maybe your browser window is resizing to a larger screen than you have.

While the screen shot is helpful, I’m afraid I might need more information. I know that our devs just pushed a fix that corrected some UI problems. If this is still causing a problem, please email us at support@eyewire.org.


uhm silly question…but are you using any app in chrome that autotranslates? Because that looks exactly like how my screen shows when I use google’s auto translate app…or any other app that may be altering the/a website for whatever reason?

Tried Ctrl+0, no luck.  Just to be sure I hit Ctl+ to increase the size and Ctr+0 to reset and the screen is still as in the screen shot.

Checked extensions and there were no autotranslates.  Deleted a few unnecessary extension and restarted Chrome.  No change.

press F12, and email HQ support with a screenshot of it, be sure to press a red “x” first that’s in the console. It could help them, help you.

Also do check your screen resolution in right click in desktop…don’t think so but it could be it. Doesn’t hurt to check…

Support as M suggested is your best bet though…also may help to check chrome’s settings…maybe the latest update added something there that messes things up.

Haven’t heard back on the info I sent to support.  Any way to find our if this is being looked at or if they think it’s a problem with my rig?

send them a re on your email sometimes stuff get lost if they receive too many mails in a day. Or find and ask an admin in chat.

Hey Unclewilley,

I’ve forwarded this along to the devs to respond to you, but I’m afraid I haven’t gotten any feedback. As I said, I remember a bug similar to yours and thought that there was a push for this fix. I’m sorry about the delay. Please know that we’re aware of your issue. I’ll see what I can do about acquiring a better answer for you.


Thanks for the assistance!  I can still play but the bug makes it a bit of a hassle.

I talked to our devs some more about the problem. They’re wondering what size screen you’re working on. We know that the UI becomes a little bit odd when it’s on a Netbook (small screen) - things will overlap there. I also know that stretching the screen out very wide creates the larger gap in the middle between the 3D and 2D views.

Is your monitor connected to a laptop? Chrome has issues with resizing properly on a connected monitor.  It usually sizes to your laptop screen which causes an odd resolution on the monitor.

Let me know.

Problem resolved!  Turns out it was caused by a Norton Security tool bar.  When it appears it pushes the display down the height of the tool bar thus cutting off the eyewire display. 

Hooray! How weird that that happens. I’m so happy you figured it out! If someone else has this trouble, I’ll be sure to ask them about this. Cheers!