Dig Recap


Hi everyone! After 4 years, we’re nearing the completion of the Dig! HQ is working on a blog post recapping the accomplishments - do you have any requests for stats or science questions?



Not a blog post thing, but a cell stats recap notif for the entire dig (as if it was one cell) would be really cool! Would also be nice to find out what kind of science progress could be made with all the cells we mapped in the Dig.


I support twotwos idea

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i would like a badge to everyone that has played in the dig.
total numbers of cell, and how many, artifacts, relics and bipolar cells we have mapped.
and how many players have been playing

@twotwo are you thinking on a individual notificaton for each player or for all players?


Ok, so you know these notifications, that recap your stats for a cell, your rank on the leaderboard, your accuracy, the stats for everybody who played it, etc?
I’m thinking we all get one of those, but it’s for every cell in the dig added together. Might be a challenge to actually add all the stats up and squeeze everybody into the leaderboard, but it’d be cool!