Dig cells #


So, if my calculations from the blog posts are correct, so far in the 10 sectors completed we have traced 1598 cells!!! woooo!

So I think it’s very possible sectors 11-16 may make this # top 2000 cells! :smiley: I think it’ll go someplace near 3k cells total for the dig.


With sector 11 now complete that total is 1753, and if you expect the other 5 sectors to have the same average number of cells as the first 11, you’d get a total of 2550 cells overall (2549.8181818181)


Updating the update, we’re at 1926 cells in the first 12 sectors, which would put the estimate at exactly 2568.

As of December 20, we’ve done 1952 cells, including a few in sector 13. We have 616 (give or take about 60 cells) to go.


that’s really doable now


Updating again for Sector 13:

Dig cells finished: 2138
Average: 164.5 cells per sector
Expected cells in remaining 3 sectors: Roughly 500 (493.5 ± 45.7)

As of 5/10 we have 26 cells completed in sector 14, so it’s reasonably likely that a pace of 2 cells per day will be necessary to finish the dig this year, and since the last update, we’ve been on a pace of about 1.4 cells per day.

Finishing by the end of the year looking like a bit of a stretch, but possible.


Would we have a countdown event by any chance? Like at 100 cells left or something? 250 or 500’s a good place too.


Given that these are estimates, the number of bipolar cells per sector is variable and unknown, and the fact that verifying that sector 13 didn’t have any extra cells took weeks, I suspect the answer is, still, no.

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If they want a countdown i suppose we could be given the bp cells for sector 15 and 16 togheter and play 100 normal cells as the countdown.

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