December Evil Cubes opportunities


Hey Scouts & Scythes!

We had a pretty tough batch of Evil Cubes last time around, so we only had a few people technically qualify to do the next set, and at least one of them has declined that opportunity. If anyone else who’s helped collect Evil Cubes before would be interested in doing so for December, please let me know! It’s best if we can get at least 2 people per team.

As always, there is no pressure for doing this, and the GMs are simply thrilled that anyone volunteers for this at all. :smile: Bear in mind, of course, that if we are short on Evil Cubers, I’ll be picking cubes myself… perhaps with Grim’s help. That might make them especially evil…

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see my mail please :slight_smile:


@susi Seen and responded. :slight_smile:

A little update from the GMs: originally there had been no bonus points offered for doing Evil Cubes prep because it was something that players came to us asking to do, and because you could still earn points by playing the other team’s set. However, based on periodic player feedback and the amount of time that cube collection can involve, we have decided to try a flat bonus for Evil Cubes prep like what we give for the Hunt.

We will likely have more updates about Evil Cubes in the future!


Nice to hear :slight_smile:
And i look forward for further updates :slight_smile:

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One of my next evils:


haha oh my looks like a creepy skull!


I thought evil cubes was canceled?


Oops, I’m sorry I didn’t update this thread. Evil Cubes are going to happen again next year, but there are no Evil Cubes this month.


ok thanks! (hopefully in february?)


We’re going to make an announcement either later this month or in early January about what to expect from competitions for 2020!