Debate at Columbia!

Everybody should check out a debate about Connectomics at Columbia this evening!  Entitled, “Does the brain’s wiring make us who we are?” it will bring together Sebastian Seung of MIT and Anthony Movshon of NYU.

The auditorium filled up less than two hours after the tickets were made available online a few weeks ago, and a hefty waiting list quickly took shape. However, you can catch it in cyberspace by catching the livestream on the Radiolab web site. And if you want to tweet the debate or follow it on Twitter, please use the hashtag #brainbrawl (I decided #igotyourconnectomerighthere would take up too much space…)

Hi Claire, could you post the link to where we can listen to the debate?  I’m not able to find it on the site.  Thanks!

The link doesn’t seem to be there yet, but I would expect that it will show up later on closer to the start of the debate. I got the information about it here:

I’ll let you know as soon as I find the link!

Here’s the link to the debate  and don’t forget to follow it on twitter with the hashtag #brainbrawl   7pm tonight!

That was really interesting!!
Now, I need to sleep… :-/

I wish Tony would have let Sebastian speak a little more. . .  I would not want to have a debate with that guy about anything, let alone mapping connectomes.

Go Sebastian!  Represent.

Did anyone miss the debate?  If so you can watch it here on

For those that missed this debate as it happened live but would still like to enjoy it… I present this youtube link.