Custom Key-mapping

This may have been suggested already but I couldn’t find it in the search. I’m proposing custom key-mapping. There are a few keys that aren’t mentioned in the controls list that do actually have a function, but just end up mirroring another key, like the middle mouse button just mirrors the right mouse button in 2D mode. I like to use just one hand to play sometimes, and I want to change my mouse buttons to do the same as the shift button, and sometimes for other operating systems like Ubuntu use the alt+drag for other system-wide processes that take over anything the game uses. 

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Hi skeeter_mcbee,

That’s a good idea. We have gotten the suggestion before and do hope to make it so that players can customize their keys. We don’t quite have the man-power to get that set up now but will be putting out requests for some help with making that happen.

Thanks for the suggestion and hopefully you will be able to see that soon,