Cursor Visibility

It would be nice if the cursor for tracing was easier to see.  I find that especially against the uncoloured areas, the crosshairs are almost invisible, being a similar colour.  

Good idea christie!  We’ll add it to the list.


I think Christie is totally right! My eyes are not the best ones, so I think science about is worth being supported. But with a grey cursor on a grey background its almost unpossible for me to support… Would be great if the cursor could just be the “normal” arrow form or so.

Cursor visibility can be improved with features like shape, texture, and color. Here are all three in one example.

– Large aperture, 5 pixel diameter
– Arrow shape pointing to aperture
– Light yellow color (best contrast for the eye, using white and yellow checker pattern)
– Feathered ends on cursor

However, I suggest the staff try working with the normal arrow like mappingmary suggests before creating the Eyewire Cursor, since everyone is used to it and maybe it can work here. My reflection on the current cursor is I find myself searching for it constantly and there isn’t enough visibility in the middle to see what to work on, so I tossed together a little example. Hope this is helpful.

I find the current shape is fine. For me it would be easier to see if as flamingomarty says it was yellow.

It is easier to see if it’s slightly yellow, however it isn’t currently a problem for me; I don’t have trouble placing it, nor do I feel l need to be able to find it on the screen better when I’m not already moving it.  I like the current shape.