Curate Cubes for Next Gen Eyewire

You might have seen this blog:

A very small fraction of players actually make it through the Eyewire tutorial. User testing has helped us identify several issues: it progresses too fast, dumps people into the game without enough skill, doesn’t teach about hard cases, among many other things. So we’re working to update it.

This new tutorial will be structured a little differently and broken up into small quests interspersed in between curated sets of already complete cubes that will allow us to cultivate the experience and give highly accurate feedback. For this, we need to curate several hundred cubes. To get hundreds of cubes requires going through thousands of cubes to get the right one. As you might imagine, this is a big challenge for HQ, who are pretty swamped with keeping up with tracing and the game in general. So we’re asking for your help. Who encounters more cubes than the community? No one. Not even all the admins together. Perhaps you can keep this cube curation in mind as you play and when you encounter a cube that you think might help new players learn, add it to the sheet.

We’re also trying something new: releasing a skeleton of our game redesign very early on in the hopes that it provides better context for gathering cubes. Links are available in the blog or you can jump straight to cube curation at

We’ll really appreciate your participation. There will be a reward, though we haven’t decided what, yet. Open to suggestions! Perhaps we should add you to the about page as “curators” on the Eyewire About page? Feel free to post questions here or email in to HQ!


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This seems very similar to “grims exercises” that never quite got off the ground a few years back. Idk if you have that sheet or not, but i’ll link to it here. I’m too lazy to enter in nearly 50 cubes, lol

here it is


That was my thought as well lol, that was (one) of Rachel’s ideas lol

Well, i think mam711 was a big driving force behind it.

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she did do a lot in it yeah.

true Atani, grims exercises got forgotten!
@Amy if you think it’s worth, i would take over the job to look into these cubes and add them to the new sheet if suitable.
Adding players in grims-exsercises-sheet as contributors (or them and me) :slight_smile:


they are cubes, they are tricky, I say why not. :slight_smile: and yes i’d add both names (theirs and yours). :slight_smile:

Thanks @Atani for remembering about Grim’s Exercises! I think these will be great for the medium level cubes.

We’ll still need the baby, easy cubes (the ones with not tricky traces, just good old here is a cube and it is an easy trace). :slight_smile:

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oh excellent! I forgot about this!

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einsteintherapper = amy signed into scythe account

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this is excellent, yes susi! That’d be a huge help!

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