Cube to mesh file (3D format)?

I’ve seen this discussion involving 3D printing, but I’m only wanting the .stl,.obj etc.,?

I know how to convert the 2D slices to 3D manually (as Nseraf cleverly suggests), but I’m wondering why we can’t have the 3D cube file?

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Not an admin so maybe they have a way I am unaware of but I don’t think there’s such data available (at least for the public?).

The two ways I know of are:

  1. method suggested in other thread (the one you mention).
  2. Get an obj file of a whole neuron from HQ (they can set you up with whole cell obj files if you email them at and 3D print small selection of it (cube sized).
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Nseraf’s suggestion to email us for those files is correct.

Now, I’m not exactly the expert on this, but we only have .obj files for full cells. There’s a fun trick we do for cubes - when you play cubes, we’re really just hiding the rest of the overview except for the 3D branch part in the cube you are working on. You can see this trick happening sometimes when scythes inspect a cube or during slow loading (especially if you have “Animate Cube Transitions” turned on). So any in-cube branch mesh, isn’t actually a separate file from the overall cell overview.

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