Cruise Control

This is just a pipedream, but maybe y’all will consider it to encourage players to check their work and cut down on some of the repetitive stress.

I think I’m finished, so I tap the spacebar. The slides automatically start either just below or above the mapped neuron and automatically cycle through the layers, say, one second or half a second per slide. If I tap the space bar again, it toggles back to manual control, and I can hit the up and down arrows, from the slide where I stopped, stain pukas, do whatever I gotta do.

This sounds pretty cool. So far we’ve been battling issues of getting image data from our servers to the web client fast enough. Automated scrolling through the volume may be possible with some further tuning of prefetching. I’ll keep it in mind as we move forward.

Best I could hope for. Mahalo!


its two years later and by the time I’m finished with my cube the images seem to be loaded. So bump^^