Create your own script

So, there’s some of us, who for different reasons paste things in console, be it to change the -new- scythe vision colours, or change the reap button from blue to red and so on.

And pasting all these things every time one refreshes is…irksome lol so with @KrzysztofKruk 's help I can show you here how to create your own script in tampermonkey so you never again have to paste anything again lol.

So in eyewire page/tab click the T.M. icon and then click dashboard.

in the dashboard click the circled icon/button:

Follow this:

After you’re done, click the floppy disc icon to save your script and refresh eyewire.

Scythe vision colours:


change after # for other colours.

change reap button colour:

change that irritating (and annoying) reap button letters pulling thing:
(the actual code interfered with forum’s code and didn’t paste well. lol)

make sure whatever line of code you paste in there, it has ; in the end or it won’t work.

Finally if in the future you acquire new things you’ll be pasting in console, just paste them here before:
save script and refresh ew.

And you’re done no more need to paste anything ever again in console. lol

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Great idea with the post :slight_smile:

EDIT: the @grant tag is to give your script some special permissions, like reading from external files, creating global variables visible only for the script, etc.


if script is not working place https://* in place of address in @match

thanks! :smiley:

great help beeing able to refresh the page without needing to paste the colours in the consol ty

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you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks for this post, i never tried to make my own :slight_smile:

So i modified @KrzysztofKruk “Eyewire statistics” color for hightlight, from Green to a good grey (green too similar with low weight heigh map).

So thanks again both of you :slight_smile:

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lol, let the modifications of the modifications begin xD

I would like it a colour different from ew’s highlight green indeed, though lol, maybe KK can modify it lol

Also @Kfay every time KK updates the script it’ll undo any mod. you’ve done to it so I’d suggest if you haven’t done this already you copy paste that part of the code to your personal script, so it doesn’t get undone after every update to the stats script. :slight_smile:

Okay lol here’s some more stuff to edit to your liking:

Change dupe jump button in inspect colour and the jump to cube (in overview) button background colours:

This will change the hover and background colour (after you hover and click to enable) of show parent/kid buttons in inspect:

This will change the background colour of d_seed/trace buttons:

Occasionally during events they may add a filter to the site, to make it look…different this will remove it (if it’s sepia and not something else.):


And I found all this stuff on my own so I’m feeling mighty proud xD :stuck_out_tongue: (except for sepia thingy, thanks to KK for that one). lol
And here’s what i’ve changed them to xD

Ok, some more xD

If ya want to change the colours of the buttons in UIBox:
You’ll see border colour and colour. Border colour changes the box, colour changes the letter inside it (C/ U/ I/ J / etc)


This will edit the font family in the site and font size in chat (all msgs/anything and everything):

$(‘body’).append(‘body, button, textarea {font-family:Calibri;}’);
$(".chatMsgContainer").css(“font-size”, “16px”); (thanks crazy for this one)

this will change the button background colour of the need scythe button in scouts’ log bar


if you want to change the colour of the name on the profile button (NOT in chat):

$(’#profileButton > a’).css(‘color’,’#6a6b7d’); (ty kk for this lol)

if you want to change colour of the Scouts’ log bar buttons (although some may follow scythe vision colours as per crazy’s script)

Colourful EW is colourful ew xD

and the reap button’s white REAP becomes Black when I hover over it xD