Costume Contest: Best Grown-up Costume

Don’t let the kids have all the fun! Grown-ups can put together some pretty cool costume ideas too. Even if you didn’t go Trick or Treating as a child, we’re sure you donned a swanky costume at some point in your life. Whether Cosplaying or Big Kid Trick or Treating, now is the time to show off your best work.

  • Only one image per player will be permitted, so choose wisely!
  • Please keep all costumes all-ages friendly
  • Tag your official submission with #costumecontest so that we know you want us to use it
  • Submit by 10/26/15 at 2 PM ET to be considered
  • Once HQ has collected all the photo submissions, we will send out a voting form to our players. Everyone will have until 10/29/15 at 2 PM ET to vote on their favorite costume.

The winners of the contest will be announced at 2 PM on October 30th.

*Please be aware that EyeWire may use any images submitted to the contest on our social media


The winner of the contest may select an EyeWire t-shirt, mug, or poster of their choice as a prize.


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