Cortical Column phone wallpaper

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Hi all!

I’ve been learning the 3D rendering software called Cinema 4D in order to make images from Eyewire, zebrafish, and cortex reconstructions. There is another post with some in the form of laptop backgrounds. Here’s a cellphone bg (sized to iPhone 7) render of a part of a structure called a cortical column found within the dataset that will become Neo. If you look closely you may see some mergers :wink: We don’t really know what the structure does yet. It is anatomically a vertical set of cells with apical dendrites that rise in a sort of column to reach the same region of layer one of cortex. These are all excitatory pyramidal cells.

if you would like a different dimension or have ideas for vendors that you think would look cool drop me a note!

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Here’s an updated version with top and bottom blur that works well on iPhone lock screen. I think it’s a little too busy for background with all the apps!