Cooperation between Eywire and Worldcommunitygrid

I really like eywire, but to me it is not enough.
I would kindly ask the creators of eywire to think about a technically simple
cooparation between eywire and the distributed computing project
Distributed computing and eywire do not have negative impact on each other.
In other words: You can run Worldcommunitygrid while playing eyewire .
So why not place a litte signet "We recommend on
eywire’s webpage?
Thank you very much in advance for your attention and support
Yours sincerely
Martin Schnellinger

Hi Martin,

If you are suggesting that World Community Grid adopt EyeWire for crowdsourced data analysis, WCG does seem to have some interesting goals and applications. But unlike the many worthy scientific research projects that WCG may pursue, EyeWire was specifically created because of something that strictly computational data analysis cannot (yet) account for. We have an in-house AI that reconstructs neurons; however, its limitations are not of capacity but rather of perception. No AI is yet intelligent enough to build a cell trace as accurately and completely as humans can do with our own eyes. So we start computationally, but that’s about it.

That said, if you are simply hoping for our two projects to affiliate in a general sense, I would suggest writing to, attn Amy Robinson, with a formal proposal. Thanks.