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Hey Eyewirers! We’ve been inspired by @dragonturtle’s friendliness and persistent kindness in welcoming new players and congratulating others when they win badges. Since he can’t be online all the time, we are considering making a chatbot named something in honor of DT that congratulates players when they make an achievement in Eyewire.

We’re hoping it might encourage players to chat more; however, it might also be annoying. It would be just one short line in chat after each achievement and it would not operate during awards ceremonies. What are your thought about this? Last time I had an idea for a bot (nurro countdown during the Eyewire cup) it was very poorly received, so figure I should ask opinions this time.

We could potentially open up a sheet to crowdsource phrases for the bot.



a simple welcome to eyewire would be good for those times when no one is around to do it personally, if its for people that pass the tut, a link to !tips or !about, or !faq would be good for those that don’t know about the blog. a congrats for any other badge or accomplishment…
Welcome to EyeWire Resistance is Futile You Will Be Assimilated :space_invader:


I’m a fan of the idea, at least if it encourages other congrats. I’m not a huge fan of pinging names of people who don’t interact with chat at all because in my experience with other communities trying to initiate interaction out of lurkers tends to just scare them off.


Welcome to Eyewire, !___'s, congrats, and ‘if you have any questions, feel free to ask’ might also be good. I really like the idea, because it’s less distracting, motivational, and keeps people pumped and focused on the game. If people need more personality, like @hwaaim said, others can chime in too. It’ll be cool also, if someone’s on a run (like 15-20 scythes or trailblazes), a ‘great job’, ‘keep up the good work’, or ‘you can do it’ can make people happy when they work hard and keep them going for a 2nd, 3rd… round. Anything that keeps people pumped and motivated (like pep talks) without feeling fear or being alone (because only a robot’s talking to them) is a benefit for this long-running game.


You know what might be interesting (idk how it’d work yet)? Maybe have a congrats as a PM (or at least an option). Thoughts? Maybe if you say thanks afterwards, it says ‘you’re welcome’ or ‘you’re the best’. Idk which I’d prefer, public or private message. Maybe a vote?

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Ok, after someone gets a tutorial annihilated award, a chatbot saying ‘welcome to Eyewire’ is noice

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having the bot congratulate both the tutorial with different message for each and perhaps also some big milestones like 1 million would be nice, but you would have to be careful to not have to many congratulations messages, so it will be spam. a bot like that would give other players a hint that now someone have done something great and should get more congrats

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I agree with most of this, but since ppl get a 1mil pt award, the bot shouldn’t repeat what it is already said. That said, it would be really cool to have some notification with a customized (or not generic, too boring) artwork after they get the award (like for certain ones, like 1mil, 5 mil…) that they could keep in their profile or something in a tab

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I see your point, but then perhaps the bot could be more like on 950 000 “great work you now have only 50 000 points to go to you get the 1 M award” in a pm. If it did this for every 50k, 100k, 200k, 500k, 1M pts with longer intervals the more points you have for all milestones where it isn`t a badge this could perhaps make people play harder, because they have more of a goal. but it would have to be some generic messages like my exsample, and some spesific like this is the same number of neurons that is in … so people never know what message they would get


Thanks for all these ideas and feedback!


Definitely, that’s much better!


If someone leaves a competition (the last one was xyz) and their team won, it would be great if when the person comes back to the website (maybe a limit might make sense, but idk), they get a congrats that their team won. For most competitions, I just don’t know if I did or didn’t without looking at my achievements, because I don’t get a notice. It will just help a lot.

A balance of not too much, but just at key moments of time (like if a change occurs that makes someone better or if there’s some turning point in EW that people need to keep with) are great notifications instead of repetition.


I would think that a congrats for being on the winning team would probably be best served as a /pm from the bot to the player, instead of in the general chat. Otherwise it could seem like rubbing salt in the wounds of members of the team(s) that didn’t win.


And, I put this in the suggestion sheet, but I’m going to put it here too. It would be nice if there was some sort of chat sound associated with the achievements listed in the chat. Sometimes I miss congrats’ing someone because I was in a different tab and simply didn’t know there had been an achievement earned. A little sound (maybe the old tracing sound?) to alert that something has happened would be helpful :slight_smile:


that sound definitely should be different than the chat message sound for sure

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I really was just thinking even a notification pop up that looks like this: or . Something like that

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I totally forgot, but I thought of something amazing yesterday. I was thinking, what if with a congrats, there could be a tip on playing EW better? Idk how or when, but maybe if someone gets like a 5000 points award, they can get a randomly generated tip from here: What is the best tip you’ve received in EyeWire? or from the blog, help section… That way, people can get better as they play the game. I bet it would stop after a certain points level is reached (like <1M), but for beginners, it’s amazing. Even after 500k, I was lost and could’ve benefited from this greatly.