Completing differences


Hi all,
have a maybe simple question. Sometimes I see a branch completed diffenently by same person/eyewirer. In child branch some segments are marked as good - and it is completed. Often then same person completed parent branch, which looks different because these segments obviously don´t belong. One can see in OV that cube looks different. Both branches were valided as good.

As you see in this cubes from Bipolar Field 14.91b

Highlighted parent, #3684067 . Segments don´t belong.
In child #3695178 they do.
Always in trouble with this cubes, how to decide. GW


In this case it is just bad work from the first person, not seeing the merger in child. That is one of the reasons we need to be two scythes so the second scythe can catch mistakes done by scythe one. Just use your best judgement and reap the cube that you think is wrong. Sometimes it can be reasons that a segment is in one cube and not the other if it creates a fused merger for instance


Thank you :slight_smile: , I´ll do so. Last time this problem often occurs, so I wanted to ask if I´m right in adding or reaping-away the missing segments. GW