Coloring in not working


Hi there,

I’ve just joined eyewire, but the tutorial coloring in doesn’t work. When I click, nothing happens…
I’m using Chrome, and tried refreshing but that didn’t seem to work.
Is it an issue with WebGL? And is it resolvable?
2D shading not showing

Hi Banjam,  it could be an issue with webGL.  Check out the help section on the wiki, it’s got instructions on how to check/fix webGL.

It’s also possible you’re encountering a weird glitch, try skipping that cube and seeing if you can color on the next one.   


Also, you’re on a computer, not a tablet or something, right?


I’ve been having this same problem ever since I started trying to play. I’m using Safari on my laptop and webGL says it’s working, but every time I try to run through the tutorial I get stuck at the third step where you click on the second part of the cell. I can see it flash, but when I try to click to color in, nothing happens.


Hey, I’m passing this to the Devs, let’s see if they can help us out.  

In the meantime if you want, try out Chrome, EyeWire tends to work better with it.

Hi Rachel,

I’ve had similar issues here. First with some weird cube (sorry, did not note the number) where the AI-coloured blue wasn’t shown in 2D and I could not colour anything but surprisingly in areas where the images had not been loaded i.e. in square-pattern areas.
Tried F5 then restarted Chrome, webGL working. First cube looked fine.

Now I got a cube (#156485) where the colouring is not working on certain layers in some quarter/parts - see screenshots: 
#1: colouring enabled everywhere but the bottom-right quarter of the 2D. 
#2: scrolled one layer up and colouring works.
Colouring is disabled in that quarter some 1/4 way down the cube, then it’s disabled in the left half of the 2D for some layers…and finally after some more layers colouring is enabled only (!) in the bottom-right quarter (screenshot3).
About half-way down the cube colouring is enabled in the bottom-right and upper-left quarter - screenshot4.
Stopped checking further then… and decided to skip that cube :wink:

Pretty strange but obviously not an issue re WebGL or browser.
Have to add that this is the first cube I noticed this but surely I usually do not randomly click in every quarter just to check if the colouring works…
Hope this helps & best regards


Hi again,

note to self: check chat before posting potential bugs :slight_smile:
Seems to be some temporary server issue according to amy.

Hi Katja, it was indeed a temporary server issue, I’m glad it’s fixed itself.  Also we like bug reports like yours, enough details and screenshots help us figure out what the heck is going on.



I have similar problem as Katja had. 
In cube #1475 (I’m not exactly sure about number, because this number is there only for 1/2 second and then it changes on “practice 6 of 9”) there are some layers where coloring is not working. Color is visible on 3D but on 2D is not and I can click anywhere, but no color is added. In some other layers of the same cube everything is working normally.
screenshot #1: no color on 2D image
screenshot #2: I moved 1 layer up, color appeared.

This is a second cube where I encountered this issue(first one was yesterday), other cubes worked normally.

I’m using chrome Version 34.0.1847.131 and WebGL is working ok.  



Hey Marek,

I"m going to pass this on to the Devs, that’s super weird. Let us know if the problem spreads beyond these two cubes?


This could be related to the high traffic slowness.  I’d try again in a few hours or days and see if it’s still a problem.


I’m looking on same cube today, but everything is working fine.
thanks for advice