Color Blindness

I am red-green challenged. i once red that in WWII men like me were peculiarly adept at distinguishing camouflage in aerial photographs.
  1) has the issue of colorblindness been raised here before?
  2) Is there any way I can contribute to this project?
-steve kemp

Hi Steve,

The issue of colorblindness has been raised before. We have tried to make it so that anyone will be able to play EyeWire, even if they are colorblind. If you happen to run into any problems differentiating between the colors, feel free to ask about it in chat or email us at

I’m sure you’ll be able to contribute to EyeWire, even if it may require further help.

I hope this answers your questions

Hey, you can sure play and contribute to this project/game like everyone else, if the seed (original AI given solution) and/or trace (your additions) are in a colour that you are challenged with then through the gear icon in the game in the lower right corner of the screen you can change seed/trace colours to something that you are okay with. Unfortunately for the moment I think you cannot change the colour of the explore mode (ctrl+e for windows) which is green but if you change the other colours then it may contrast against them and not be a problem at least in the 3D.