Clicking on chat reformats screen on Firefox


When I click on the chat everything gets squished to the left. Refreshing the page fixes it but I can’t find any other solution.
Windows 10, Firefox Quantum (60.0.1 64-bit)
The problem does not occur on Chrome (66.0.3359.181)



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Hi ebourdon,

I’m sorry to see you’re experiencing a bug. I’ll pass along your report to our dev.

When this occurs, do you have the leaderboard hidden?

Thanks for reporting,

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It occurs regardless of whether the leaderboard is hidden. The leaderboard stays hidden (or not) when the bug happens.

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Have you tried clicking outside the chatbox and then pressing the left arrow key? There’s an old FF bug which can do something similar to what you’re describing, and arrow keys can create and solve it.


Hi ebourdon,

We’ve tried to reproduce your bug on Firefox Quantum, but I’m afraid we haven’t been able to. If the above suggestion by Nseraf isn’t helping, could you please take a screenshot of your developer (web) console when the chat gets reset to the left off screen?

This will allow us to see if there are any errors being reported. To open the web console, you can find it in your FF menu under the “Web Developer” section or you can use the following shortcut: Cntrl+Shift+K

Thank you!

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