Chrome Extension [How-to Install without WebStore]

Just for now, waiting a good new chrome extension by the dev, here’s a DIY for who want to use chrome with the Scout log extension :
You first need to download and install Google Chrome Canary which is a special version accepting installation of non Google Store extension.

1 - Chrome Canary (which is not totally stable, because of experimental version) :
Then install it.

2 - Then download the Scout log extension i especially made for it :!vN1imZjD!-GwRbXqmUNQUVJZUMfQ9Yw
Then extract the zip where you want (Preferably on desktop to find it easy).

3 - The folder contains an .pem and a .crx.
Open Google Canary -> more tools -> extensions

Then enable “developer mode” (at the up right)
Then, you just need to drag and drop the .crx file to the Google Canary extension tab, and accept to install.

That’s all you need and now it should work perfect !

Edit :
And if when you restart your browser the extension is disable by Google, you just need to delete the extension and reinstalling it.

Up ! You do not need to install Chrome Canary Anymore. Google chrome work with this How-to.