Check adjacent cubes

Is there any way to see regions of adjacent cubes? If not, could it be implemented?

I just did a cube where the AI region came one from face and stopped in the middle. The continuation was not obvious; it might have gone straight across, or made a curve to touch a different face, or possibly forked and gone to both. If I could peek into adjacent cubes it would be easy to figure out which face-boundary I was aiming for.

Hi auraseer,

I would like such a feature as well - however according to the team there is a vast problem with that:
The overview can be wrong; it only shows what the majority of players did. By using the overview as a hint what the path should look like, your answer becomes biased and may validate an actually wrong path (in rare cases where the majority of players made the wrong decision).

How often does it happen that the overview would be in error?  There are times I have finished a cube and check the overview, which might not match my tracing.  Then I begin to doubt myself.  
Sometimes I’m pretty sure I was correct.  I’m not sure I want to take the time to do screenshots to submit.  Is this something I should add to the merger reporting database where everyone reports missing 3d?

Hi Mamateresa,

Reporting mergers and the missing 3D are actually two separate things. Players can report mergers (usually just the big ones you can see in the overview, ) by emailing or by telling an admin in chat, if one’s online.  You don’t have to attach a screenshot, you just need to tell us the coordinates and cell name.  You can get coordinates by typing /debug into chat, and then you alt+click on the weird thing in the 3D.

There are errors in the overview on occasion, but if you think you’re differing a lot we can check your f score and see how you’re doing.  If you’re interested email and we’ll send it to you!