Chatbox glitch?

The chat selection cards just show over the chat-writing box, which makes me unexpectedly hard to write words. Can anyone could explain this?

Hi juneyang2005,

Yes, this was a bug that occurred when the notifications system was launched. It is related to the EWDLC add-on script. The “official Eyewire” default version of the add-on should be okay. If you are using this version, then you may need to perform a hard refresh on Eyewire using “Control+f5”. This will update the script.

However if you are running KrzyzstofKruk’s advanced version of the script (not the default Eyewire one), you will need to update and refresh via TamperMonkey. I believe he has posted updates and instructions in the forum (under his scripts thread).

I hope that helps,

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Cool! Thanks! It solved neatly!

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