Chatbot Commands

Overview over all commands that nkem_test understands right now:

If you send him a private message, he'll answer with a pm as well. (I use that for testing)


!about (Am I really helping science?)
Of course you are helping science:

!cb (cell body)
Does your cube contain such a huge blob?
Then you got a (rather uninteresting) cell body. Just reconstruct the superficies and submit that work.

!colors (chat colors)
Yellow: Admin | Purple: Moderator | Blue: Day topscorers | Red: All-time topscorer

!dbg (debug window)
Type /debug in chat to see the cube ID, coordinates and other information.

!explore (explore mode)
Press Ctrl+E (or Cmd+E on Mac) to toggle "explore mode" on and off
Ctrl+D will delete everything you have done in explore mode; Ctrl+M will add it to your work
If you hit "I'm finished", ALL colored paths are submitted! Be sure to use Ctrl+D 

!faq (Kettas FAQ)

A merger occurs when the AI or players mistakenly colored an adjacent neuron as well.

Your payment are points and honor - your reward the good feeling to do this FOR SCIENCE! :D

!points (points calculation)
Points are based on time, volume and accuracy. Longer answer can be found at

!tb (trailblazing)
Trailblazing means you are the first one to submit this specific cube
You'll get 50 extra points for it. Assignment is based on accuracy.

!video (rprentkis tutorial videos)

Other stuff

Redirects your question to Wolfram|Alpha. Tries to return the best fitting answer. Won't work everytime, of course ;-)

Checks for last activity of the user

might give some personal player statistics during competitions - answers are private messages


I am a bit biased concerning the usefulness of my bot... So if you find something annoying, please let me know. Feature requests, spell corrections and everything else is also welcome. However I can't promise to include all suggested features...

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Maybe a prompt with !new or something alike that explains how to get to the tutorial. It’s been asked a lot latelly. 

I like your bot. Now if I could only remember the prompts!
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Yea these are awesome!! I will post on the blog this week.

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The commands !C and !F won’t work anymore, which is however not that much of a problem, since I replaced them with Wolfram|Alpha support. Commands that should be redirected to Wolfram|Alpha start with '!w" - or put “nkem_test” in front of your message just as if you try to talk to the bot.

So, a possible conversion between Celsius and Fahrenheit would now require something like:
“nkem_test, what’s 23°C in Fahrenheit?” or even something minimalistic as
"!w 23C to F"

Of course, Wolfram|Alpha is not just a conversion tool; third derivatives, distances and weather data of Boston in 1981 should work as well…
Sadly, his knowledge of neuroscience is not that huge… We’ll have to talk to Stephen Wolfram about that :smiley:
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I will update this on the blog

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HI nkem, maybe a command on how to report a merger would be usefull, with an answer along the line “send the cube number and a screenshot to”. The question arise often enough. 

see you around. 
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All known chat commands are now compiled here:

(soon) typing /help in chat will link to this blog post, as well as provide a few of the top chat commands 

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Let’s revive this.

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