Chat Volume Not Holding Its Setting


Greetings everyone.
Is there a way to turn down “Chat Volume” permanently, without “Muting” all sounds?
I have the Chat Volume slider minimized, but it doesn’t hold the setting. Inexorably, the Chat bleep comes back, but the slider shows itself minimized. All the other sound sliders seem to work as expected, and hold their settings.
The Chat Volume has been working this way for quite a while, perhaps it’s my computer, or me???
The Chat text function is welcome, but the bleep sound is distracting, and, frankly, at the volume with which it insists on presenting itself, a bit annoying.
Anyone else have this problem, or know of a solution?

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Hi Richard,

I would try these steps,:

  1. empty your browser cache. (history > empty browsing data > check the "empty cached images and files.
  2. logoff ew and delete all eyewire related cookies and data.
  3. ctrl+F5 ew and then after having done 1. and 2. re-login.

If the problem persists try another browser or two, if the problem doesn’t exist there, then it’s something in your usually used browser, can be a popup/script/adblocker, an extension/app installed there or antivirus/internet security etc. Try whitelisting/disabling them in eyewire.

If the problem yet persists and/or exists in other browsers, I’m out of ideas and you can try emailing HQ support:

hope this helps,


I can confirm the existence of this problem. When you refresh EW, no matter the position of the chat volume slider, the chat is at full volume until you click the slider. It seems that this specific option has been forgotten to be set when loading the page.

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lol that’s weird, b/c it sticks to full down here, then again I have all sounds turned off and silenced the speaker icon. lol