Chat Features

After getting a new headset, after checking out the mic, I thought of a feature for the chat. Also, I have an additional feature.

1.Microphone Detection: Like Google, I want to have a microphone button for the chat. But like Microsoft Office, there is an auto-correction feature.This would make the chat a bit more fun.

2.Censored Words: Like Pokémon, I want to have a word detection feature so that swear words will be automatically censored. I’m not saying we should remove the mod feature, I’m just saying this to help mods with their work.

Although these features won’t be added in the near future, I hope these will be added by 2016. Thank you.

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I don’t think I want the extra bandwidth loss from streaming voice data :stuck_out_tongue: I am one of those who would love if I could somehow (option from ew or popup/script blocker app) could stop the server from sending me the music/sound data lol just to make cube loading faster even by a millisecond. :stuck_out_tongue: Also not sure I want to listen to other ppl talking while I play I think it would be a huge distraction from playing accurately (and fast as I do lol). Most ppl playing ew have their music etc so that would most likely one more thing we mute lol. And a lot of ppl who play this for one reason or another are very shy so they would defo not enable, like or want this.

Censored words has been proposed before I think, don’t think it’s very feasible, for one thing there are a lot of different ways to write a swear word and teens are masters of finding more elaborate and/or different ways to swear for another thing with this being an international community one can easily swear at his/her own language and the censorship filter would not catch a thing lol. Not a fad idea overall just not sure how useful/feasible it’d be.

Then again I am no admin so it’d be interesting to see what HQ thinks on these two :smile:

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest in ways to improve our chat, OP. To address each:

  1. Unfortunately, we have no plans to introduce voice chat as either an optional or standard feature. Some of our players, while playing, do talk with each other casually over Skype and similar programs; this is usually if they become friends outside of EyeWire. But we do not have the server capacity to support such a feature on the site. And, as Nseraf said, many players prefer listening to other things (or nothing), or they would be uncomfortable, so if we ever did implement this it would have to be opt-in only.

  2. Auto-censoring does have its limitations due to creativity (and sometimes it’s not about the words someone is using but the meaning they’re trying to convey). But actually what you suggest is something that HQ’s game masters have desired for some time. We are not sure when it will be implemented, but it’s on our internal list of feature requests. It would be a small but valuable nicety to nullify at least the most flagrantly hostile words that people can fling at each other.

Devon (HQ)