Chat capability

I’d like to see Chat capabilities ala FoldIt interface.
There are times I’d like to ask questions while working on a neuron–or just monitor the Chat to see if anyone’s available to discuss a problem.

Hi jajrlgr,

Which capabilities were you looking for specifically?  We do currently have chat.  You should see a little > in the bottom left corner of the screen.  Can’t always guarantee that there’s anyone on, but there’s usually someone.  Let us know if that’s what you were looking for, or whether there was other stuff you wanted.

You will seriously need to create different chat rooms/regions/lobbies. When this project escalates with users, the chat will be insanely crowded and unuseable. Maybe you should sort people by their points? Then they speak with someone with the same experience. How about voice chat?
You gotta think in community! More statistics, more competition and so on. You need to create something that drives this beautiful project apart from the “lets help science!”-idea, which is of course awesome, but will not keep people interested for too long.

I think you will get an user-boom. For instance, I just shared this with my medical school, which will reach out to at least 5000 people. :wink:

Should also be able to minimize the chat window.  It is very distracting when lots of people are chatting, it shows everyone joining and leaving and shows points as well.  Many will not want this streaming over their 3d cube view - it is too “noisy” so to speak.

Yeah, thanks for the feedback.  All of these are sort of new problems for us since the recent spike in traffic.  We definitely want to do more with the chat, and fix up a lot of theses issues that you are mentioning, but we just figuring out what the issues are at this point.

Suggestions welcome!  Keep 'em coming!

More Chat Suggestions:

  • Minimize/quit chat entirely
  • Remove chat sounds
  • Don’t snap to bottom everytime there’s a new message
  • Options to remove logins/points given/trailblazers
  • Ability to darg the scroll bar with the mouse (I only seem to be able to scroll with my mouse wheel)

Echo added typing in “/silence” to silence chat last night - thanks so much Echo - this helps alot
Now how do we unsilence the chat if we do want to see it
It is all about choice

Well… that might be too late… but right now /silence also enables the chat again. 

I would also appreciate the chat not jumping to the bottom on output.

definitely onexused.  It’s on the list, but we have a few higher priority things we’d like to focus on at the moment.