Chat bug fix

Whoever has the chat bug where you only see one chat line when you don’t have chat box clicked/enabled and the rest is black/blank here’s a quick fix found by player @susi

It is a bug created by the latest 45 chrome version, until google fixes it in 47 version:

Go to:

chrome://flags/#disable-slimming paint

and alter ONLY these two options:

Disable slimming paint.

Enable slimming paint.

Don’t alter any other options in there unless you know what you’re doing or you may render chrome completely unusable and have to reinstall.

After you’ve done that hit : RELAUNCH NOW. low left screen.

chat bug should be gone after that.


Devs. are working on a permanent solution. :slight_smile:

The screen should look like this:

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Hey guys, there’s a fix out in production now. :slight_smile:


so i am having the blank chat problem, but when i put the link in the box, and looked for the paint option, it does not exist on my page. i clearly see where it is in the provided photo, but it is not on mine. what would be another way to fix the chat box/bug.

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Hi fantascey,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with chat. This is an older chat bug that occurred on Chrome Version 45. The latest version of Chrome is 53 so some of the experimental flags have changed (plus we pushed a fix for this bug).

To help us understand your current bug with chat, please feel free to email us at If you can include in the email the following info that would help us out: browser version, OS, and a screenshot of the Javascript console (control+shift+j). The JS console allows us to see if there are any errors going on when you experience the bug.


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