Changes since I was here last


Haven’t played in quite awhile. Am figuring out some of the new features, but what are the pink cubes in the sky? They mostly go away when you choose “overview,” at which time the neuron shows up. But once that happens, I am unable to find any evidence of it in the 2D image, or even to paint within the image. How do I fix it so it works again?

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it’s the new overview, the cubes in he sky is the overview of the cell not yet meshed after refresh, if you leave it there for a few secs/mins it will mesh up.

As to the 2D not showing up, try:

  1. empty cache and ctrl+F5
  2. delete ew cookies and logout+login again

Are you using a x84 or x64 OS/browser? B/c ew no longer likes to play well with 32bit systems.

if you follow the above steps and still have issues I’d recommend emailing HQ: