[Cell Export Request Thread]


As Amy requested to, this is the Official thread for requesting any Cell export to OBJ mesh (for any 3D Software).

So for the first i would reaaaaly like to be exported, Lina’s Luminosity (78566)
It look really cool for my DHEIL Project (DIY Handmaded Eyewire Interior Lamp) ! :slight_smile:

I first will Design it in my software, with interior renders, and then edit it so it will be 3D Printing Ready !


@Kfay so unfortunately that cell was not included in the most recent consensus rendering. Just barely missed it! The last neuroglancer consensus was generated on 2018-01-23. Lina’s Luminosity was completed on 2018-01-29. It won’t be rendered out for a couple months. I’ll set a calendar reminder for April to check back!

Any mystic cell completed before Jan 23 we can render, and we can generate .objs for any Eyewire cell.


No worry, this DIY can wait a bit :wink:

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I want to do a zfish render, can i, please, have the M cell (to its current traced condition i don’t mind lol) and about…500-600 other zfish cells (any i don’t mind)? objs are fine as a format.

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500 cells, wow! Alrighty, I’ll ask!

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thank you!