Can fort scythe be split?


Preferably into 3, because it’s too hard to load each cube (the site is running a little slowly today, possibly from this?) and there’s a lot to get done. This will help speed up getting stuff done

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Hi hawaiisunfun,

The fort has been split!



Hi @hawaiisunfun, thank you for mentioning this in the forum. Me myself was too shy to do this. Had the same thing in mind so often, but i thought, that the forte scythe cells couldn´t be split into 2. Much better in this way, splitted in two :slight_smile: , GW

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Thank you!!! :blush:


Hi All,

As a general policy, I try to split any of the “monster” cells once they get close to ~2000 cubes. We find that folks’ computers tend to struggle with cells that have cubes above 2000. We used to split cells earlier on in the growth process, but that often resulted in unequal splitting between the halves (for example, 300 on one half and 2100 on the other). Personally, I prefer to split later on as I have a better chance at evenly splitting between the two halves in order to have more equal cube counts. Just wanted to share some of my methods behind the madness :slight_smile:



I brought it up, because my computer couldn’t load it. Usually it can handle up to 1900. I can’t remember where it was at, but my computer couldn’t handle it was all I knew. I think it was around there though.


Perhaps it could be a good idea to split forts earlier since so much of the work are done from overview and because of this is more sensitive to size.

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