I don’t know if this is the best place to do this but I felt like a single topic for future bugs in the forum would be preferred to many topics with 1 bug each. If not, then these 2 bugs will look out for one another here until they’re squashed.

The first one is probably well-known & it’s that the profile history no longer shows a graph of your recent progress, instead showing a vacancy under the accuracy & period options.

The second bug is not just nice but is a part of the debug command. When playing or inspecting cubes, the debug window correctly displays the cell ID, center, cube ID, & last seg. In the overview, however, the cube ID & last seg get stuck & do not update when clicking on other cubes.

The Cube ID is properly displayed at the bottom of the screen (learned about that today, whoops), so this isn’t necessarily vital to fix ASAP, but the cube ID & last segment displayed is from the previous cube (sometimes null).
Closer view:

Bonus: The Workshop addon doesn’t appear to work properly for anyone. As this is an addon & not part of the core game, I don’t think this is a real bug, but I nevertheless wanted to make it known here on the forums. For those unfamiliar, it’s kinda like http://museum.eyewire.org/ except you can choose anywhich neurons you want to display. By the way, a link to the museum in the game would be awesome since I always forget what it’s called & have to search for it on Bing.

Of course I had to go poking around some more, so I’ll document a few more:

3 ) Settings > Top Buttons > FAQ does not place a link to the FAQ. Looking into the console, it looks like an ewsLink isn’t created, so it’s not just a visual bug.

4a & 4b ) The Stats (EyeWire Statistics) custom tab doesn’t appear to apply any dates I input, meaning only today, week, & month work.
Top 100 shows nothing at all. I don’t know why.

Hi DeeFeeCee,

Thanks for reporting! I’ll mention that the majority of these bugs pertain to Custom “Addon” scripts that may enhance your play experience, but do not affect the overall core mechanics of Eyewire gameplay.

  1. Yes, we’re aware of the issue with Profile History and the Custom/Top 100 Stats tabs. Unfortunately, these add-ons haven’t been working properly and displaying data due to the player-developer having server access issues where their code is stored.

  2. I understand that /debug does not dynamically update/refresh when a cube is selected in overview from the activity tracker. I’m afraid that it is a case of two separate systems not communicating with one another (one old, one new).

  • The /debug command is working according to how it was originally developed. When Eyewire was created only admins could select “cubes” from overview. If a merger could be seen in overview, a player could use the /debug command and report the coordinates to us since they could not select the cube itself in overview. This is why it displays “NULL” when in overview for the cube ID/segment ID. If the player was in-cube, they would see the in-cube information such as the cube ID and the last segment they selected to allow for reports in-cube.

  • Several years later when the activity tracker was launched, we allowed any player to “jump” to a cube they played either in overview or in-cube (depending on your settings preferences). As part of that update, a player is also able to now select cubes in overview. When you select a cube in overview or jump via the activity tracker, the cube ID is displayed in the interface at the bottom of screen. Unlike the /debug command, the cube ID here is never hidden from display. Please use this bottom display interface for referencing the cube IDs in overview.

  • Overall, the /debug command is primarily used now for finding coordinates such as in the “Hunt” competition events.

  • PS. If you want to be able to inspect cubes from overview, I suggest becoming a scout!

  1. Good catch! Top Buttons is another custom addon script created by a player-developer for those who didn’t want to use the drop-down hamburger menu. The FAQ link is now located in the Help (? icon at bottom) menu. It may be that the new location for the link broke something in the Top Buttons script.

  2. As mentioned in #1, this is due to the player-developer having server access issues where their code is stored.

  3. (Bonus) “The Workshop” is an unofficial player created addon script installed via TamperMonkey. I believe that as of July 2019, the player stopped updating this script.

  4. (Bonus) Noted about the Museum. We previously had a pinned blog post explaining the museum as it is geared bit more towards scientists as a research tool for viewing cells.

Due to the nature of some of these bugs, I will caution that they may continue to persist. Thank for recording them here in the forum for reference for your fellow Eyewirers!