Box fill

I came upon a cube where I had to click about 15 times to fill in my whole outline. I would like to be able just select the whole area with a box and have all of it filled in. Would make cell bodies possible too (if that’s even a thing at all!).

Dunno what the admins/devs will answer on the new feature/selection tool, I think they have something similar in OMNI (In-lab parent software of eyewire) but I do not know if and when they intent to implement something like that in eyewire.

CBs are not traced, they are of no value to the research being done and thus are always frozen (frozen=non-playable) they also usually contain horrible AI mergers so they are almost always avoided and frozen.

Seems the FAQ needs to be updated, was unaware of that.

We usually freeze cell bodies, however sometimes we miss part of the soma and you may get a cube containing part of a cb assigned to you. If you do, feel free to mention the Cube ID in chat or send us an email at

We do have a multi-select tool in OMNI where if we hold down the mouse button it will color multiple segments as we drag. Eyewire cubes are much smaller than OMNI cubes which makes multiple selection less important. We’ve certainly considered the possibility, however we don’t offer it for different reasons. Part of it is that multiple selection would require several 3D segments to be rendered at a time. We also want players to be able to easily identify the segment they’ve added to their trace.

There are some ganglion cells with thicker branches that do require what feels like a hundred clicks to fill in and I, too, wish for a multiple select ability then.  We’re always trying to figure out ways to implement new features :slight_smile: