Beta Testing Monday


We’ll be doing a beta test on production starting Monday afternoon. There will be a special cell online called Beta Cell which, if you play, you’ll receive a test new stats notification!

This test will occur on

This personalized notification that will go to all players who worked on a cell when the cell is declared complete. The first version of this notification will include the following stats:

  • points
  • cubes
  • trailblazes
  • reaps and completes (if applicable)
  • global stats for points, cubes, tb, complete, reap
  • your rank on cell
  • top 3 players by points
  • time elapsed on the cell
  • playing accuracy
  • reaping accuracy (if applicable)



just to make sure i understand, the beta test cell will be in test server or in normal ew?


Thanks. Yes, in normal eyewire. I’ll edit the post to clearly state that.

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Yay, thank you for new stats. I’m such a stats person lol

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I really like the beta test stats, how they came out. The one that was especially engaging is the length of time to finish. That should be highlighted more, as it would get people into a racing mode to finish cells faster :slight_smile:

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Yay! I’m so glad you like it! @hawaiisunfun we originally had the time at the top but with the small leaderboard the layout looked better with it at the bottom.

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You know, after looking at the notifications, it seems like it will get clogged with the cells completed and events happening. I would say keeping them separated would work well. That way, I can look at my accomplishments on cells long after they’re complete, while being able to keep up with events. It’ll make the pace go faster too, being able to stay relevant with everything :slight_smile:


We generally complete one or two cells per weekday, and you’ll only get the notification if you participated on the cell. That said, we may end up adding tabs after we deploy the retro points notifications. Still, the important notifications are pinned to the top so they won’t be buried.


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As a mystic we get a lot of zfish cells completed notifications, think i have got 5 princeton cells only today where i had reaped 1-5 cubes (probably earlier merger) and if you get that + your own mystics cell + any earlier merger or help you have made in other mystic cell+ and perhaps seed duplicates you have frozen+ most of the normal ew cells it will make a lot of notifications each day.


Thanks for pointing this out. We’re looking into it.


yeah i got abt 10 of the princeton cell notifs as well, which is a bit confusing bc im guessing in some cases my reaps were in parts of the cell that may have stashed, so i see (for example) 40 reaps 4k pts, but only find 1-2 cubes reaped by me in ov. lol so im like "uhh where’s the 38 other ones? " lol, which is ok if reaping accuracy is 99% but if it’s say 70% and i only find 1 cube which isnt reaped by admin therefore it should be 100%, where did the 30% go in notif? (obvi cubes that reaped and got stashed). In addition to the mystic cells and ew cells lol

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that would explain why i did not find the cube i was supposed to have reaped, but sounds like something is wrong with the formula if it count stashed cubes

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