Beta Testing for Accuracy History 11/16 at 2 pm US ET


Lol ty! no one told me that :stuck_out_tongue:


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Well that works xD ty again ill beta come sunday lol


yw :slight_smile:


i also miss the colours from kk`s script and i am having trouble seeing the difference in accuracy personally i would like everything below 90 % to stand out in a colour that is catching my eye, and instead of using the dot to mark low accuracy you could use that for tb?

like atani said it is good that the bars are closer to my name to make place for the log.

and like i said under the betatesting it would be good if i as a scythe can look at every low weight cube with new eyes from inspect first before i i see my trace in review mode and see myself blind on it. That is also the reason i do not like to go back to a low weight cube immediately to reap it but like to play 4-5 cubes first before i go back to get somewhat fresh eyes.


Ok tested it, I agree with both ann and atani, and I remain by my earlier statement about bars not being white. Also I think it's been mentioned about it not showing reaps and TBs? I think it's 100% required for scythe/mystics to have both as well as please not direct inspect from bar jump, it's annoying i want to be able to see overview first.



lol i think I'm so used to testing on chris.ew etc that i read it as chris not beta :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you!


Thank you all for the feedback!

We're going to work in a broader color system. We'd also really like to show past 60 cubes in a later version!

Activity Tracker Beta Testing: Round 2

Round 2: tonight at 6 pm for 24 h.