Beta test for Scythes - now till 2 pm 3/13 - Scythe freeze!


Hey Scythes!

We are pleased to announce that Chris has built the “Scythe freeze” feature that’s become hotly requested (and, in our own minds, quite necessary). It’s ready for testing on Please remember to use an Incognito window (for Chrome) or Private Browsing (for Firefox) if you want to check it out.

What to test: basically, you’ll see an “F” on your Toolbox panel now, and that’s your freeze button. You should be able to freeze cubes (individually, or parents/children). You should also be able to unfreeze your cubes or cubes that other Scythes froze. When a Scythe freezes something, the heatmap color turns grey. If you try to unfreeze an admin-frozen cube (white), this should not work.

Let us know if you have any issues, questions, or concerns! The beta testing window will stay open until 2 PM EDT tomorrow (3/13), and during that time you can either leave your responses here, or you can talk to any admins who show up in the beta server’s chat.


TY!!! :smiley:

Bugs found so far (dj is aware):

  1. unfreezing parents/kids unfreezes admin frozen stuff.
  2. if a scythe/mystic freezes a cube admin seems unable to re-freeze it after (If i understood it well).

features already requested:
(by ann: write name of scythe who froze in details like with reap/sc etc)


Thanks! Chris says he fixed the admin freeze becomes scythe freeze issue. Let us know if there are any other bugs :slight_smile:

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I somehow managed to break 8.100, after i froze it it had a weight of NaN and I was unable to unfreeze it. Then galarun reaped it and dragonturtle spammed it by pressing F and now it looks like ツ but it is unfrozen now. I cannot explain what went wrong with it, if it was just that it was a single unweighted cube that comprised the entire cell or what. (i’z good at breaking things xD)

Twist discovered that if he had a scythe acct open in one window his admin freeze became a scythe freeze xD

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And the evening crew also votes to record who froze what in the toolbox. And we would also like the freeze to have an associated sound as well, kinda like how complete has its own sound. (but not the same sound as complete please)

Thanks for letting us test!


Thanks for the feedback, guys! If you have the time, should still be up until tomorrow at 1 PM EDT for you to try things out again; Chris is pretty sure he’s fixed the bugs that were reported, and the Toolbox should now show names for anything that’s Scythe-frozen.