Beta Days: Easy Player Scripts

We’re finally ready to beta test player scripts in Eyewire! This beta will remain open until Tuesday at 10 am.

With the click of a link you’ll be able to install new scripts and toggle them on/off in Settings.

Here’s how:

  1. Head on over to in a chrome incognito window and sign in

  2. Settings -->> More -->> Add -->> copy and paste**

This mocks up adding experimental scripts that are not pre-approved by HQ. The security warning is to ensure that players are only running scripts from people they trust. This script does not change anything in Eyewire - you can only see that it is enabled in the settings menu.

Let us know your thoughts and if you find any bugs! Try adding, removing, toggling on and off. In the final version you will be able to click a link to directly install a script into Eyewire. Stats, SC-history, expanded profiles, and DLC will come preloaded into Eyewire.

Please note that for now on the beta server you have to click the check box every time you refresh. This won’t be the case in production. Scoutslog does not currently work on beta.

A more complex beta for those interested:

  1. Sign in on in a chrome incognito window
  2. Open this forum post in an incognito window and click the link below
    OR: Paste this link into a new incognito tab:
    OR: log out of regular eyewire and click that link.

This will enable an instance of @KrzysztofKruk’s stats. Refresh and…voila!

Here are more links you can try:

SC History:

Custom Highlight


Works well for me! Thanks for letting us test it!


Great, thank you for testing. Hopefully we’ll get this out tomorrow or Wed!

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