Adv. Player to Scout question

How do you become a scout. I have 500,000 points earned, so was just wondering what the proceedure is ?


Hi fenshome!

We’re glad you’re excited to become a scout! It looks like you already filled out the Promotion Request form here: Promotion Requests

Promos will be granted on Friday, 1/27 after 4 PM US EST, following Happy Hour. So be on the lookout in chat tomorrow! You’ll also receive an email as well :slight_smile:

For other folks interested in becoming a scout, scythe, mod or mentor, we do monthly promotions on the last Friday of every month. If you’re qualified, you can fill out the above linked form at any time!


To become a scout on this platform, you need to be invited by the administrators or moderators. Scouts are selected based on their expertise, helpfulness, and active participation in the community.