Additional color in the weight heatmap?

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Was wondering about the possibility of adding an additional color for weight 4 cubes? Having weight 3 and 4 be the same color is confusing when trying to complete cubes but are waiting for them to be weight 4 to do so.

Unless y’all are good with us completing weight 3 cubes, then it’s a moot point, lol. (although how does that work with consensus? If you complete then another player plays and changes the consensus…)

Anyway, just my thought :slight_smile:


Why wait to wt 4? wt 3 has formed consensus has given retros and is ready for complete/reap. that’s why we tell (new) scytes/scouts to wait until wt 3 to flag/log/reap.

Also if you reap at wt 3 then no one (other than a scythe/admin) can remove what you added.

I think the 1st paragraph is why wt 3 and 4 aree same colour, >=wt 3 FFA (Free for all) lol

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I would think waiting until full weight would be advisable. Mostly because a cube can get 1 vote at wt 3, another player plays it and either adds to or takes away from the consensus, 2nd voter comes along to give its second vote, sees the cube is now incorrect, has to a. fix it, then b. sends a message to first voter asking why they are completing incorrect cubes.


at wt 3 it’s very difficult to remove anything with wt 1 in my exp. if something is in in wt 3 it means that at least 2 ppl have added it out of 3 which means that even if 4th player doesnt add he wont remove it. if only 1/3 have added it wont be in so scythe will have to reap.

1/3 segs out
2/3 in
2/4 in

so if at wt 4 someone has completed something and it’s missing something it’s bc he/she didnt catch it to reap it in.

It’s impossible for a player with normal wt 1 to remove anything in a wt 3 cube. only a scythe (or admin) can remvove and only if 2/3 have added it, if 3/3 have added it then more scythes are required (or 1 admin).

Unless conf lvls change ofc.

4th player can add but only if at least 1/3 has added, so it’s not in in wt 3 but wt 4 makes it 2/4 instead of 1/3 and adds it but unless it’s a merger it may not be a bad thing as it may have been something the 1st completing scythe missed.

I’d say it’s imho better that 2 scythes cooperate to sc at the same time same things so they can lock rather than wait for whole branch/cell to be wt 4. But that’s me :slight_smile:

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Lol, i see what you are saying, but you are also making the assumption that there are 2 scythes on at any given time, and that both will be willing to complete. That is not a luxury that I am often afforded.

Even if a 4th player cannot remove, only add, you will still have a 2nd voter asking the 1st voter why they approved mergers.

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yeah true that abt that (2 scythes etc).

True but still means that at least 1/3 has to have added the merger seg etc, I am not of the opinion to wait until wt 4 (if this was not clear up to now :stuck_out_tongue: ) but i see what you’re saying also :slight_smile: I think there should be options for not waiting to wt 4 like maybe lowering the wt cap to 3 (ik not gonna happen) or making 1 vote lock instead of requiring 2 etc, and i’m sure that admins/devs can figure out even better game design solutions so that we don’t have to wait to wt 4 but not have the potential prob(s) you’re referring to :slight_smile:

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I think that was abundantly clear, lol.

The rest is a topic for a different thread i think.

Really, I just want a different heatmap color for wt 4.


lol that was abundantly clear as well lol:P

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Thanks for the suggestion! There has been some talk about making colors (like the complete purples better defined) on our heatmaps so I’ll put a word in. You can complete at weight 3, but if you feel more comfortable at 4, that’s okay too. In our current consensus system, it is easier to add, than remove (this is b/c statistically speaking it is found that things are missed more than they are added). Thus, I can see your concern. However, I don’t recall any instances of a 1 vote scythe completed being incorrect b/c a 4th person added a merger… It still has been mostly missing nubs that I see in completed (scythe or admin) cubes.



Woot woot!

And yeah, better defined purples would be most helpful!

Ty very, very much!


Agreed (on the purples and the woot woot and the tyvvm :stuck_out_tongue: ) !!

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i have seen mergers added after first sc but mostly when weight is not updating and a lot of people play the same cube so perhaps not really relevant here. in general i think a cell is finished faster when sc after weight 3, but probably usefull to wait for wt 4 on really nubby cells.


I would just like another color for the sake of having another color ^u^