Additional Chat functions

Hi everyone. I am just concerned about the chatbox. With a growing number of players who are all interested in tracing more than in chatting, the chatbox has eventually become a live stream of players’ scores and achievements instead of a place for inquiries and sharing tips. So, I propose to Add a Preferences button to the chat which will allow users to personally choose what to see in the chat.

The selections can include scores above 500 only (very rare), scores above 100 only (many), scores above 50 only (even more), all scorers, no scores, all achievements, no achievements, etc.

I also suggest showing of a player’s chat stream (en/ko) especially when they receive achievements or high scores so other players can congratulate them accordingly. This actually happens in the english chat stream where users try to congratulate korean players (unidentifiable by usernames) but the greetings don’t reach the player unless it is sent through /pm USERNAME.

I like your idea about a Preference button. These are good suggestions and I’ll pass it on to the developers. Thanks! =) I am Ben an Admin at the Princeton place

I hope my suggestions can get through. I also hope you don’t mind me ranting here on the forum.Most of my suggestions are really just personal sentiments that I post here obviously for my advantage. I wish to do more for EW although software development is not my field. Nevertheless, I’ll try to make my suggestions more specific and as simple as possible for the developers :slight_smile:

Suggestions are always appreciated. I like your drive to help, it shows caring and we like that here. Thanks again =)

The command /list is also functional only for moderators (/list mods). It would be more helpful to use this to see online admins and mentors, esp. when one is not familiar with other players’ roles.

/list functions forevery one, /warn functions only for mods+admins, /who shows different things for non-admin/mods and for admins/mods.

I meant as of now /list can only show a list of online mods… if you type “/list mentors” it will show all online players :slight_smile:

no…there’s /list and it shows ALL currently online players…and there’s /list mods that shows all mods but not all currently online mods just all players who are mods. /list mentors/scouts/scythes/moderators doesn’t do anything other than what /list does to me.

Yeah. It would be great to have those commands functional like “/list mentors” which would list all online mentors available to help players :slight_smile:

/list mods doesn’t list only online it lists all that are mods, /list mentors would do the same, if 10 ppl are mentors it will show you all 10 online or offline.