Accuracy Score for submitted Cube

It would be really useful to get the Accuracy score (along with over/under coloring percentage) for the cube you just submitted.
From what I can tell they only Accuracy you can get is in your profile, and that is your accuracy for the week.
Immediate feedback that you really made a mistake would would really help, and from what I can see that number should be readily available since the Accuracy in the profile seems to be updated after you submit a cube.

Even better it would be really nice that after you submit a cube it shows you a comparison of yours to the one it is using to get the Accuracy, like it does in the tutorials.

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Accuracy is real time, meaning it updates with every cube you submit. If that’s what you mean.

I don’t think that’s what was asked. I think the poster was asking for cube-by-cube accuracy information, not (or perhaps in addition to) the cube-plus-cube-plus-cube [i.e., updated ad infinitum] information currently provided.

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Your suggestion for the accuracy to be reported along with the points would only be able to be reported on none-trailblazed cubes.  I can see that being useful, so thank you!

Just for review, there are two stages in the accuracy stats. 1st, the real-time accuracy bar in your profile. It reflects your accuracy based on your last 20 cubes. If you just finished a particularly tough cube (and weren't the trailblazer), you can click on your profile and you can see how your accuracy was on the cube.  You'll know you had trouble if your accuracy suddenly drops several points.  The second stage of accuracy is that every Sunday/Monday, your accuracy stats are reset.  You get to start with a clean slate.

We've certainly looked into ways of providing you with real-time feedback (we want everyone to be more accurate!).  However, it's a bit tricky. As you know for trailblazing, you get some initial points and then get retroactively rewarded points after another person traces after you. Obviously, we can't give you an consensus picture for those cubes and this is also why your accuracy may change even when you're not tracing as trailblazing will update that retroactively.  

The other reason is that a consensus is drawn up over time (cubes are randomly assigned so cube 67594809 may not get assigned to a second or third player for a few hours)- so the comparison presented may not necessarily be correct. Segments may still be missing, mergers may have been added. We certainly don't want our players thinking that their submission was incorrect when indeed they found something another player missed.  I believe this also affects accuracy as a whole. Let's say you added a merger.  Then an admin removes the merger later. You'll find that your accuracy may have dropped as a result.

There are a lot of things we take into consideration when providing player feedback including making sure that a player's submission is unbiased.  However, we're always looking for tools to help the Eyewire community out!

Very helpful; thanks. That explains a lot, especially sudden jumps up (or down) – have probably just started a 21st cube. There are occasions when I really mess up, usually some massive overcoloring. It would be helpful if when something like that happens - a whole big long leg is colored in that shouldn’t be (or the opposite) - one could see it and be able to trace back to the original mistake, just for learning purposes. And no, sorry, I don’t have any suggestion at all as to how to accomplish such a thing :slight_smile:

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Sorry I understood you wrong.

No; you understood right. I wandered off topic.

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