Accidental submission

This is the second time in so many days I have submitted a cube accidentally. This time just happened to have a ton of pure, dumb luck. I was tracing a blood vesicle out of curiosity in explore mode, when with a single fumble:

  • I hit commit.
  • I hit submit.

I haven’t been using the hotkeys in normal play except for Shift to blink selected colors. Is there any way to remove this total accident of curiosity? Is it possible to add a confirmation for when people submit with a method they’ve not been using?

Meanwhile, I was planning on asking for assistance with a I was actually having trouble with.
Cube 4913501.

it is always very frustrating when that happen, but sadly it happens to us all, either submitting after pressing something obvious wrong or beeing too fast and submitting a second cube before really looking at it at all.
if you are really unlucky it will tank your accuracy, but will usually not affect consensus since people usually are not clicking on the same obvious wrong segments.

There is a script that will let you submit the cube using spacebar that can be turned of and on, but guessing you don´t have this and used enter to submit the cube or used the mouse?

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Yes. Mouse submissions only.