About the trivia

Hi! I’m asking if for the next big competition(probably Christmas) can we put the trivia on the weekend or friday? I know that many eager eyewirers have something else to do other than eyewire. And I believe that they mostly work at the weekdays. So if we put the trivia date on the end of weekday or at the weekend, more people could participate! Just a little thinking about the trivia here!

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Hi juneyang2005,

Thanks for your suggestion. We currently do start Trivia on Sundays at 11AM ET. A question is asked once an hour starting on the weekend.

Are you suggesting for Power Hour (when we ask a question every 2min for 1 hour) to be moved from Tuesday at 11AM? We currently have the power hour for those players who happen to not be online on Sunday and/or Monday.


We could probably move the power hour to a weekend if it would be more convenient.

Yes I think it is true for some people, but I thought it is awkward because in the eastern hemisphere even though we start at Sunday 11AM it is already monday or late sunday in most of regions. What I am thinking now is probably splitting the power hour(Well it wouldn’t be a ‘hour’ if it is halved) into two times. But I think it might work if half of power hour keeps being on tuesday and rest of it can be on saturday or early sunday.